Dental Treatment Plan Financial Agreement

9 Dub , 2021 Nezařazené

Yes, I said, „We can make financial arrangements.“ The idea is to find ways to say yes to the needs of our patients. At 25 years in the field, I have a long, long history of a collection rate of 101% and compliance with the treatment plan! Let`s be creative and think beyond the limits of the plate. For the convenience of our patients was established the following office policy and financial arrangement for your audit. So you`re looking for money! Improve your patient relationships and collection rates with large dental financial arrangements and solid scripts. And don`t hesitate to train! Practice makes perfect!! „Good morning, Mrs. Jones. I have a copy of the treatment that Dr. Brown just prescribed. It indicated in your diagram that you need 2 crowns at the top left. I have checked your insurance services and would like to check the total cost of the two krona, your insurance coverage and the payment options we can offer you. As a service for our patients, we submit your dental insurance via electronic claims.

We work with your insurance company to provide you with the most accurate estimate of your co-countries. It is the patient`s responsibility to provide adequate insurance information on the first visit. For all uninsured patients, a full payment is required at the time of service. Insured patients are responsible for all amounts and should be prepared to pay any amounts that are not covered by the insurance quote. Since insurance plans pay only a portion of the processing costs, we can only estimate what your insurance company will pay. The maximum time allowed to pay for insurance is sixty days. After sixty days, the patient is responsible for the entire check-up. There are some things here that are as important as the document you are presenting! It is important to remember when submitting a financial agreement to make eye contact with your patient. And that`s another good reason to use a script. If we always say much the same thing, we can easily make eye contact with the patient as we speak.

Your practice name, address, phone number and website are on top. Perhaps you would even like to include a report. Or you can even print your financial agreements on the header. Whatever you decide, you`ll also want to create a copy for your patient`s diagram! Dental care presented and costs are included. For example, I would write, „Crowns on the teeth #18 – #19. (2 crowns) Estimated total cost $2428.00. Advanced advance plans work very well for patients who need a little time to pay. That`s where the payment plans come in. And patients who request a payment plan can pay in advance. You can pay monthly or every two weeks. It doesn`t matter what works for her.

I don`t offer discounts on advance plans.

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