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9 Dub , 2021 Nezařazené

I intend to acquire commercial licenses from Windows 10 Enterprise for my organization (< 10 employees), but I have discovered that Enterprise licenses are only `UPGRADE` licenses that can only be applied to existing qualifying systems such as Windows 10 Pro. Our computers only have OEM Windows 10 Home, so the "Reference Guide to Volume Reading for Windows 10 desktop" offers me to buy GGWA for small and medium-sized organizations that is Windows 10 Pro. I have a few questions about this plan (or agreement): Once the computer has a real Microsoft Windows, users can keep up to date with their current operating system with the latest service packs and security updates by downloading them with Microsoft Windows Update. Microsoft Get Genuine is a complete, no-upgrade operating system that is offered through the Microsoft Get Genuine Windows Agreement for Small and Medium Organizations program. It is only available to correct scenarios in which an organization has installed an existing PC with one of the following operating systems: . Только таким образом вам удастся избежать рисков, возникающих при использовании пиратских программ. The Microsoft Get Genuine Windows agreement for small and medium-sized organizations offers comprehensive Windows operating systems, not upgrades, for nonprofit organizations and public libraries that no longer fulfill software licenses due to software piracy or other licensing issues. . Authorized organizations can only apply for Get Genuine products.

Get Genuine products do not contain the software insurance benefits that are included with most other Microsoft software donations. When an organization installs a Get Genuine product, that product does not have the advantage of getting a free upgrade to a new version of Windows when it is released in The Future. However, the „Access to the Real State“ product provides a computer with a legal basic operating system to install Windows upgrade products with software insurance benefits offered through Charity Digital Exchange. In addition, organizations that request Get Genuine products can demote their donation free of charge to earlier versions of the Windows operating system via the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). This donation is only available to correct scenarios in which an organization has installed an existing PC with one of the following operating systems. For licensing issues, it`s best to consult Microsoft`s licensing service directly. The functionality of the product and appearance may vary depending on the configuration of the system. . . . ( ) . .

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