Housing Executive Tenancy Agreement

10 Dub , 2021 Nezařazené

(b) Harassment/Antisocial Behaviour Tenants are responsible for the behaviour of any person, including children who live or visit the tenants` home, including responsibility for their behaviour in housing, in surrounding properties and in common areas. You cannot or must not allow members of your household or visitors to cause disturbance or nuisance to neighbours. The association may decide to take eviction action for harassment or anti-social behaviour. (c) to commit or admit any form of racist or other harassment that is not authorized to commit or permit harms based on race, colour, religion, religion, sex, sexual orientation or disability that may impair the peace and comfort of another tenant, servant, visitors or neighbours or neighbours. For example, racist language, threatening violence, offensive or offensive language or behaviour. Damage or threats of property or property or graffiti writing. Personnel Do not commit or threaten to use violence, verbal insults against staff, agents or contractors. (d) grant the association or its auxiliaries access during the day (except in an emergency) to the inspection of the dwelling or repairs or other works. The association will endeavour to inform at least 24 hours.

You must also allow prospective tenants to see the apartment if you have terminated their rent. (e) Repairs – report repairs immediately, as soon as they become visible, keep the interior and exterior of the premises, including the devices and fittings provided by the association, in good condition for the duration of the lease. Pay for repair of damage to premises not due to normal wear and tear according to a standard approved by the association. Make all the repairs you are responsible for, as described in the tenant manual. Leave the premises in good repair, decoration and condition at the end of the lease. You are responsible for paying the association the non-performance costs.

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