Note Purchase Agreement Definition

11 Dub , 2021 Nezařazené

iii) denunciation of rights. All rights to this note end with the issuance of Conversion Securities to the registered holder with the conversion of the Amount note, whether or not that note has been issued and whether or not all rights to purchase shares, investors153, co-sale, voting or other agreements have been executed by registered holders. Notwithstanding the above, the registration holder agrees to provide this notification to the company for cancellation as soon as possible after the note has been converted. The registered holder is not entitled to obtain the certificate of stock subscription and/or other instruments representing the Securities Conversions that will be issued upon the conversion of this note, until the original of this note is returned to the company or until the loss certificate is made and made available to the Company and the agreements covered in this Section 2 have been executed and delivered to the Company. As far as all licenses are concerned, sublicensings and other agreements under which the company is either the licensee or the taker of an IP LICENSE, the company has fulfilled all the essential obligations imposed on it, and the company is not involved, nor the company`s knowledge of violating or delaying in any capacity, and there is no event that would be a delay with the announcement or expiry of the deadline or both. All licenses, sub-licences and other agreements under which the company is either the licensee or IP address taker of materials companies are valid, enforceable, fully applicable and effective with respect to the company, and to the company`s knowledge of the other or part of these licences, and this will continue to be so on identical terms immediately after closing, with the exception of the enforceable force of bankruptcy, insolvency, fraudulent transmission or transfer, moratorium or similar laws that may limit the enforcement of creditors153 rights in general and general principles of fairness in terms of applicability (whether it is possible to take into account in a legal or own proceeding). The Company owns and holds good ownership of all of its assets used in its operations and held in its annual accounts (together the „assets“), each being free and free of all Links, with the exception of a) Links, which are specifically described in the schedule of annual accounts; b) Links that, individually or as a whole, would not have material negative effects, or c) links to taxes that are not yet punishable.

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