Residential Tenancy Agreement Nsw 2019

5 Říj , 2021 Nezařazené

Domestic violence provisions began on 28 February 2019. In order for a lessor to pass on water charges to the tenant, the property must be measured separately, water efficiency measures comply with water efficiency measures, and fees must not exceed the amount to be paid by the lessor (depending on the water supplier`s bill or other evidence). Tenants can install faucets or make modifications, additions or renovations if they have the written agreement of the lessor or if the lease allows it. If the tenant`s request for an establishment or for a modification, addition or renovation is „minor in nature“, the lessor cannot refuse to give consent inappropriately. The tenant must pay for the device they install or for any modification, renovation or addition of the property he has brought to his knees, unless the lessor agrees with something else…

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