Total Penonton Wedding Agreement

12 Říj , 2021 Nezařazené

1. Wedding (published on August 8, 2019) – 757,648 spectators article, Bian was in the process of marrying another mistress, namely Sarah (Aghniny Haque). Although Wedding Agreement carries a story often present on the big screen, it has managed to surprise the audience with the harsh figure of dance. Makmum, the only Indonesian horror film to have fought in August, took third place after a week of broadcast with 426,933 spectators. Of course, the screening of this film is dominated by women, when there are finally men who accompany their partners the most. Because women like to get carried away by emotions, so they are consumed by the romance of life. Meanwhile, the film Bumi Manusia is slowly trying to follow the success of the film Wedding Agreement with an audience of 725,428, released in theaters for only one week. 3. Makmum (released on August 15, 2019) – 426,933 spectators The comedy film with Widyawati, New Student arrived with 204,464 spectators in fourth place out of a total of more than two weeks of broadcast. In the last order, the film Hunt greeted the moment of the anniversary of the RI and won only 19,299 spectators in a week of screening. „Until yesterday (21.08.2019) during the last hour of the show, the wedding agreement exceeded 735 thousand additional spectators. God wants him to easily pass 750,000 spectators,“ Parwez said, when contacted on Thursday 22.08.2019 with showbiz

The next wedding convention, keep the number of spectators constant at 20 thousand per day. That is why the promotion of the marriage agreement is still ongoing this week. A story about the bride of the wedding and the existence of a marriage contract that makes this story sink makes the audience resonate. There are likes, cuts and vibrations of romance, as if they had flown on a personal kisha. The leading position was successfully conquered by the marriage agreement, which successfully printed 261,261 viewers of four days of broadcast. Starring Refal Hady, Indah Permatasari and Aghniny Haque in the lead roles, this film by Archie Hekagery tells the story of a woman`s suffering in the house. Tari (Indah Permatasari) must accept that her marriage to Bian (Refal Hady) will only last a year., Jakarta Film Wedding Agreement, which aired from Thursday 8.8.2019, continues to sneak into the local treasure. On the first day of the screening, the film starring Refal Hady and Indah Permatasari successfully registered 70,000 spectators. Monday (19.08.2019) In the morning, Wedding Agrement reached 644 thousand additional spectators. The audience of Wedding Agreement continues to grow when we know that the Hollywood summer film parade is over.

Thursday (22.08.2019) Wedding players visited the cinema at Lippo Cikarang Shopping Mall, Bekasi. The strategy of publishing a religious drama film before Eid al-Adha seems to be working on. Earlier, Parwez said he was optimistic that the marriage deal was welcomed by the public. Especially when the film is screened and there are scenes that hurt, as if most of the women in the hood mumble disappointed. Each scene makes the audience baper, they feel carried away by the story of Bian and Tari.. . . .

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