What Are The Conditions Of The Agreement Between Frankenstein And His Creation

15 Dub , 2021 Nezařazené

Of course, Victor`s relationship with the creature is closer to that of a mother than that of a father: after all, it is a mother who „spends“ a child. Victor is now in a subordinate position linked to his creature, a position tainted by the implications of femininity. Some commentators have read the creature`s promise to be „with [Victor] on his wedding night“ as a sexual threat, a means of claiming Victor`s body and soul. The filming of Frankenstein, directed by James Whale, also interprets this threat as sexual; Wal considered the relationship between the Creator and his creation to be homoerotic. When the creature gets between Victor and Elizabeth (and when Victor gets between the creature and his fiancée), they do so to find each other for them. The monster, like Stevenson`s Mr. Hyde, can be considered the evil part of Victor`s character. It is customary for critics and readers to regard homosexuality as the worst act that man and creature might be capable of. Frankenstein devotes most of his morning to work and goes to the dismal and stoned beach at night. His horror of his task grows every day, in contrast to the enthusiasm with which he made his first experience.

He is more and more frightened and afraid to meet his monster. He considers the new creation with a mixture of hope and „opaque premonitions of evil.“ Frankenstein`s happiness, at this stage of the novel, is inseparable from that of his creation; This is how he feels as a slave to the creature. The two are now double for each other: like the creature, Victor suffers from impenetrable loneliness; like him, his romantic happiness depends on the compassion of another; like him, he feels like a „miserable wretch“ unsuited to human society. The question of who is the Creator, who creation becomes even more confused than if the novel builds to its inevitable conclusion. Victor`s decision to marry Elizabeth upon his return from England seems foolish: he has no way of knowing what will happen to his pact with the creature.

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